Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti #1 through #8

I thought about doing this, because it would be a nice thing to do. Here is the list of the official haunted graffiti numbering type system thing.

First a disclaimer: The "haunted graffiti" series or whatever is said to be a series of 10 planned albums. When I say "planned" in reference to Ariel Pink, your bullshit sense should already be tingling. I know mine is. What's more, you would think that by "planned," they mean something like he organised a bunch of previously written material into 10 sections and gave them all different names. This makes sense to me especially because of how mind-bogglingly prolific Ariel was in the 90's (90's for hauntology means 1995-1999), and the fact that haunted graffiti #1, Underground, came at the tail end of this seems to indicate that somewhere along the lines his cd-r's got backed up and he wrote out a plan to release that body of work in sections, and so he could go on with writing new stuff. That seems like a likely scenario in my head.

But then, he's only up to #8, and one of those is the Holy Shit! EP, which he could not have "planned" prior to 1999.

Next is the part about naming it "haunted graffiti." There is a lot of confusion about how, why, and in what context this name has to do with Ariel Pink. Generally it is considered to be the name of his "band" whether he's live or recording on an 8-track in his bedroom. This is probably an artifact (of that) of the haunted graffiti series being picked up by paw tracks, and his other stuff from the 90's not so much, making "Ariel Pink" more or less synonymous with "Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti."

To complicate matters, one cd that is clearly not supposed to be Haunted Graffiti from the 90's was re-realesed (or just released dependin on your definition), one called Ariel Rosenberg's Thrash & Burn + Pre, whatever that means. So is that "Ariel Rosenberg," or can we still call it APHG? Whats worse, he has gotten into the habit of calling his current band (Tim Koh and a bunch of guys I don't care about) "Haunted Graffiti," and his latest single is actually just labeled "Haunted Graffiti." Ariel Pink isn't even at the front of the group on the cover... so what the heck is it?

Peronally, if it's obviously supposed to be the obtainable, HG "series," or new stuff featuring an actual band it's "Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti" as far as I'm concerned. As for the story behind the "planned" haunted graffiti... I don't even have a guess.

Whatever, here they are:

HG#1: UNDERGROUND (1999/2007)
1. Shaven
2. Spiers (Spires?) in the Snow
3. Jack Off
4. Ghost Town
5. Crash Crash on the Drummer
6. Crusades
7. Tractor Man
8. Underground
9. Bobby's on the Phone
10. Auto Vanity
11. Don't Turn Back
12. Nana
13. Damage Done
14. Until the Night Dies
15. Sensitive Man

HG#2: THE DOLDRUMS (1999/2004)
1. Good Kids Make Bad Grown Ups
2. Strange Fires
3. Among Dreams
4. For Kate I Wait
5. Haunted Graffiti
6. Gray Sunset
7. The Doldrums
8. Envelopes Another Day
9. The Ballad of Bobby Pyn
10. Don't Think Twice (Love)
11. Until the Night Dies
12. Crying
13. Theme from Unreleased "Claris Gardens"
14. Let's Build a Campfire There
15. Young Pilot Astray

HG#3: SCARED FAMOUS (2002/2007ish)
When scared famous was re-released, it was sort of merged with FF>> to make this wierd mutant child that could only be called a "best of" if you're insane enough to think that "R. Stevie's Brain" and "One More Time" somehow top "Inmates of a Heartache" and "Jesus Christ Came to Me in a Dream." Of the two originals, Sacred Famous is easier to obtain. I'm only listing the original versions here.
1. Baby Comes Around
2. Facts of Destiny
3. Privacy
4. Passing the Petal 2 You
5. Beverly Kills (Freaks With Golden Heirs)
6. Why Can't I Be Me?
7. Something Isn't Something
8. Express, Confess, Cover-Up
9. Birds In My Tree
10. Shedon'tknow-Whattodowithherself
11. Moya
12. SteviePink
13. R. Stevie's Brain
14. Spiers in the Snow
15. I Wanna Be Young
16. Gopacapulco
17. Hoist Interlude
18. Scared Famous
19. Deathcrush 99

HG#4: FF>> (2002/2007ish)
1. Intro/Where Does the Mind Go
2. Twenty Two Eyes
3. Are You Gonna Look After My Boys?
4. Inmates of a Heartache
5. Make Room For Harry
6. The List (My Favorite Song)
7. My Molly
8. Howling at the Moon
9. Beefbud
10. A Tomb All Your Own
11. Victor
12. The Kitchen Club
13. The Lament of Edward Boggles
14. Crying
15. Talking All the Time
16. Girl in a Tree
17. Jesus Christ Came to Me in a Dream
18. One More Time
19. May the Music Never Die
20. Make Room For Harry (Version)

HG#5: HOUSE ARREST (2002-2003?/2006)
1. Hardcore Pops Are Fun
2. Interesting Results
3. West Coast Calamities
4. Flying Circles
5. Getting High in the Morning
6. Helen
7. Every Night I Die at Miyagi's
8. House Arrest
9. Alisa
10. The People I'm Not
11. Almost Waiting
12. Oceans of Weep
13. Netherlands
14. Higher and Higher

HG#6: LOVERBOY (2002-2003?/2006)
1. Don't Talk to Strangers
2. Didn't It Click?
3. Credit (cut on cd)
4. One on One (cut on cd)
5. She's My Girl
6. Poultry Head
7. Older Then Her Years
8. So Glad
9. Want Me
10. Loverboy
11. Johnathan's Halo
12. Hobbies Galore
13. I Don't Need Enemies
14. Let's Get Married Tonite
15. Ghosts
16. Phoebus Palast
17. Blue Straws
18. The Birds They Sing in You
19. New Trumpets of Time
20. Doggone (Shegone)
Track 19 on cd is You Are My Angel live, but it comes after Doggone (Shegone), since tracks 3 & 4 are missing.

HG#7: HOLY SHIT! EP (2003)
This one is wierd because it's supposed to be a side project of Ariel Pink and Matt Fishbeck independent of HG, but... it's #7. So, I'm not sure what to think of it. Also, the track listing neglects to list the actual first song, Oblivious Peninsula, and starts numbering after that. Hence why this starts with 0.
0. Oblivious Peninsula
1. Inaccurate Information
2. New Colors
3. My Whole Life Story
4. N M E's
5. The Castle
6. Jules Lost His Jewels
7. The Drummer
8. Estate, According to the Widow's Maid
9. ...contin
9 through 31 or something are a bunch of random nameless jams between the two, interspliced with parts of a thing with R. Stevie Moore which can only be called "What Else Am I Not Supposed to Do?" Here is the breakdown:
...contin: 9, 16, 20-31
What Else Am I Not Supposed to Do?: 10-15, 17-19


That's adorable. Next!

HG#8: WORN COPY (2003/2005)
1. Trepanated Earth
   a. Trepan Overture
   b. Heaven's Hotter Than Hell
   c. Trepan Reprise
2. Immune to Emotion
3. Jules Lost His Jewels
4. Artifact
5. Bloody (Bagonia's)
6. Credit
7. Life in L.A.
8. The Drummer
9. Cable Access Follies
10. Creepshow
11. One on One
12. Oblivious Peninsula
13. Somewhere in Europe/Hotpink!
14. Thespian City
15. Crybaby
16. Foilly Foibles/GOLD
17. Jagged Carnival Tours

As should have been fairly obvious, this is not a full Ariel Pink discography. I don't even think such a thing is possible. This is just an inventory on the haunted graffiti series and a little postulating as to what the hell that's even supposed to mean.

So yeah, you're welcome.


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