the static bullshit is getting old

Ever since that creepypasta about Candle Cove started floating around, a lot of episodes were uploaded onto youtube. That's pretty amazing on its own, as the show only ran on a local station in the late 70's, so even just having a copy of the show is rare enough, but going through the arduous task of uploading them on youtube is really more than I would ask of my worst enemy.

But, see, this creepypasta ended on the premise that the show was nothing but static, which is an awesome ending for a creepypasta and all, but it is severely hampered by it being a real show. I mean, thinking it through, for the best results, you would want something real, so that if you bothered to investigate it you would find it, but rare enough so that few people have heard of it and assume it to be fictional, as well as something that wasn't already all over youtube.

The problem here is that wherever you go on youtube, you get all these trolls talking about how the episodes are just static. It's amazing how persistent they are.You really can't have a normal conversation about this show without someone bringing up "static" at some point. It's really getting out of hand, and the joke is old now.

But now it's even weirder. Some trolls have seen fit that leaving comments about static on the few episodes on youtube isn't enough. They have to upload their own videos that are intentionally nothing but static.

I really like the creepypasta and all, but sometimes you have to separate fantasy and reality, you know? Especially with me being all about hauntology, this sort of treasure from the past is cool enough on it's own, and I don't really care to navigate through troll videos just to find an episode.

P.S. If you can put up with it, there's a pretty funny series of videos with this clueless kid pretending all he can see is static for like, 6 videos or something starting here (lol pothole).

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