Godzilla Contintuiy part 4: The timeline part

whoa... I've already called the new Godzilla as a Hedorah movie but... what I wouldn't give give to see Godzilla blast on of these like he did to Gorath. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT!!!

I just realized that I kinda accidentally put Space Amoeba in the timeline even though I was trying to skip over the ones that didn't directly affect the Godzilla series.

So big whoop. Guess I'll include them anywhichways. They still count, after all.

We didn't miss much, so I'll blaze through them:

MYSTERIANS: Same year as it was made.

BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE: 1965, the year that the Showa series invented manned space travel.

GORATH: 1982. I just want to mention that I think it's cool Maguma was originally considered for DAM, since it would have been the only Showa monster from the (then) future to reappear in an even further future. That just sounds really cool to me. I also kinda have a soft spot for Maguma if for no other reason than he is so obnoxiously normal. He's literally a giant walrus. It may also be the same reason I like Oodako and Ookondru so much. Those are monsters your regular tooth-and-claw kaiju fan won't even acknowledge. THATS how hard core those guys are. Plus, Oodako killed Frankenstein. Shut up.

MATANGO: Same year. Can't remember if it was stated when the first ship's expirements were or when they crashed. I'm assuming it was around WWII, but I'll just forget it since it has no bearing on anything else. For the record, though, the Matango (they weren't called that) from "Voice in the Night" weren't mutated by any nuclear tests or whatever. The origin isn't stated, so I assume they were natural. They are also fairly common in WHH's stuff. I can't find it, but then again, I haven't looked very hard. Matango, by the way, is one of those monster I don't like ironically, like Maguma or Ookondru. They are genuinely bad ass. Like the Godzilla of the fungus world.

Oh man... what if there was like, a Matango Godzilla? Say the body of the first one doesn't disintegrate like in GXMG, and Matango starts to devour it, and working together with Organizer G-1 build a giant fungus Godzilla?! That would be super sick. Godzilla X Fungus Godzilla, it be the sequel to Ghost Godzilla!

DOGORA: Same year. One aside for you: is it just me, or does Dogora's space cell form look a lot like the Space Amoeba from Space Amoeba? It looks more like that than Yog-Sothoth, that's for sure.

LATITUDE ZERO: Same year, and also the Alpha (Atragon without a drill) was first set out on the ocean (it's never finished because Joseph Cotton keeps adding to it) in 1805. Also, Cotten in 204 years old and Caesar Romero is 203. The oldest Joker ever.

WAR IN SPACE: 1988, and guess what? Venus again. The, um... Yomi-ans... are using it as a military base like the Mor-Taxians did with Mars and the Natal did with the Moon. It has atmosphere now, which was appearently another thing destroyed by King Ghidorah in 3,000bce, because it sure as hell wasn't there in 1973. Atmosphere, like magic appear.

And a note about the Vampire movies, mutant films, and Nostradamus: I don't think these count. Remember when the studio system imploded in the late 1960's and early 1970's? Well the "studio mentality" must have died along with it, because there was never any attempt to bring the Giant Slugs into a Godzilla movie. And hey, with everything that was being thrown around about 1999 in that movie, you'd figure you could have a sequel to DAM where this happens. If you REALLY want to include them (which I'm not doing, I'm just pointing it out), then:

Vampires happen year of as far as I know. Not a one of them is actually about Dracula, they're about Vampires.

Mutant films probably DO count, since they were made before the collapse. In fact, according to a handful of idea being tossed around Toho about how to introduce an average, human sized Frankenstein, The Human Vapor absolutely does count. I don't know about any special times, though, so I assume it "same as year released" for H-Man (Is he man... or ASTRO-MAN!!!), Human Vapor, and Telegian. ESPY may not count, but again, I don't think it takes place in any year other than 1974.

PON, near as I can tell (these movies are hard as hell to get a hold of, by the way), takes place in 1974, with the characters extrapolting from the events and their connection to Nostradamus's poorly worded, terrible, and untranslateable nonsense poems about nothing come up with a nightmare prediction of 1999 which doesn't happen if we count it, because Honda did the 1999 movie (DAM) before Masuda and Banno, and Honda is painfully and naively (probably not a word) optimistic, especially when compared to those two.

Giant Slugs, that pretty much sums up my desire to see that movie.

Oh, and the 1959 Orochi movie probably counts, but I have no guess as to when that's supposed to happen, so I'm not even going to bother.

So finally I present an actual timeline:

3mya - The Seatopian continent sinks.
12,000bce - The Muvian continent sinks, this one with an already well developed human civilization.
3,000bce - Garoga Invasion of Venus. They use their newest and most powerful monster King Ghidorah, who completely wipes out the Venusian civilization, and I guess the Venusian atmosphere somehow. A small population of Venusians survives and seek refuge on Earth, where they and their human-hybrid (or something) ancestors build the nation of Selgina.
1805 - The Alpha is launched for the first time. McKenzie is born.
1806 - McKenzie's arch-nemesis Malik born.
Between 1718 and 1945 - Some sort of Frankenstein fiasco.
1944 - The Lagos Godzillasaurus (soon to be the second Godzilla) fends off an attack from the American navy, accidentally saving a Japanese garrison stationed there in the process. The specialized Coelophysid is gravely wounded.
1945 - Frankenstein's heart, now in the custody of Dr. Reisendorf, is siezed by Nazis and shipped to their Axis allies in Hiroshima, just in time for the fat man. The heart is lost. Elsewhere, a revolting Japanese naval unit begins construction on a fourth super sub named Atragon which they intend to use to continue fighting the war that just ended. Matango created here? Who knows.
1954 - Godzilla
1955 - Godzilla Raids Again
1956 - Rodan
1957 - The Mysterians
1958 - Varan
1960 - Frankenstein Conquers the World
1961 - Mothra
1962 - Godzilla vs. King Kong
1963 - Atragon, Matango
1964 - Godzilla vs. Mothra, Dogora, Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster
1965 - Battle in Outer Space, Godzilla vs. Monster Zero
1966 - War of the Gargantuas, Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
1967 - King Kong Escapes, Son of Godzilla
1969 - Latitude Zero, All Monsters Attack
1970 - Space Amoeba
1971 - Godzilla vs. Hedorah
1972 - Godzilla vs. Gigan
197X - Godzilla vs. Megalon
1973 - Zone Fighter
1974 - Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
1975 - Terror of Mechagodzilla
1982 - Gorath
1988 - War in Space
1999 - Destroy All Monsters

So there you have it. I was toying with including one of the possible futures in GvsKG, but I don't think there's a way to fit it... but I'll get into that whole 6-D mess next time.

The Heisei thing will probably as long as the showa, not becuase there is as much material to cover, but because it has an unbelievably stringy, multiversal timeline that is ever more ridiculous after the Millennium series. The first part will cover the 9 films strictly within the timeline, with special attention to the GvsKG parallels and some Wild Mass Guessing about what the GFW kaiju are/were supposed to be.

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