Maintaining a Presence in Social Networking

Takes up more time than I care to commit to it. I'm not really wired to treat social networking with anywhere near the same importance as, you know, real life. Updating stuff on a regular basis becomes a second job because you have to make yourself do it. I'm not really interested in that.

I still do things in a social networking perspective sporadically, but I don't feel like I should have to go out of my way to tell an audience of no one something stupid just to let them no i'm alive.

Now, that said, there are some things I do WANT to do as far as social networking is concerned. Usually, though, they get sidetracked or they turn into something else. There was this thing I got into for a while where I was gonna fill a book with accurate sketches of as many GOOs and OGs as I could cram in there, and then put them up on deviantart. Thing is, there are some things on dA I'd want to clean out since they were sort of meant for a really small audience (like 2 people), and it means that I would have to scan something like a billion pages out of a book without tearing out the pages, and it meant having to track down a fark load of stories that I'd have to either special order or that, in some cases, I have no real interest in reading, etc. etc.

So that book is just sort of sitting on my impromtu coffee table now.

Or, what about the time, on this very blog, I set about tracing the timeline(s) of the entire Godzilla/Tohoverse-Multiverse? That was taking an extraordinary amount of time. Eventually, I became interested in other things. Then, when I'd come back to it, I would be intimidated by the amount of work it would take to finish, plus no one was actually reading it anyways.

There are other unfinished projects on this blog, too: the ideas for the Eddie Dombrowski-centric Silent Hill game, the original idea I had for a Silent Hill game, how to fix pokemon, other dinosaur stuff, alien life cycle, and a whole bunch of stuff I never even finished or posted!

Now, maybe you think it's ironic that I'm writing a whole blog post about how I don't really care about keeping up with blogs, and it is, but it should serve a purpose as a disclaimer or something.

At any rate, I wanted to get it off my chest. But I'm seriously bored with this now, so I'm going to watch Freelance Astronauts play Oregon Trail now.

...no, I still haven't played the new Alice yet. Yes, I will soon. Before I turn 24 for certain, because then it will lose a good portion of it's impact. Yes, I've avoided spoilers because I have some REALLY OBNOXIOUSLY HIGH expectations for it. Yes, that means I am going to assume that there is a REASON she relapses outside of just wanting to be darker and edgier for darker and edgier's sake. It's not Tim Burton, after all, although the only things that bothered me about that movie were the homogenizing of the red queen and the queen of hearts, and the fact that Johnny Depp is now officially playing the same character over and over and he completely fucking ruined the mad hatter, and I hate him and never want to see him in anything after Edwards Scissorhands again.

Harumph. =/


  1. Hello. You may not care and I may be grossly out of place, but just to interject - the "audience of no one" mentioned has, I think, become an enthralled audience of at least one.

    I'm a hermit of kinds from above the Arctic Circle (and no, I'm not kidding. And yes, I have Internet access), generally very not up to date, and only just fell into this place through an image search for Pyramid Head (whom I'd dreamt glimpses of recurringly, lately, never knowing there was a game series or a film - I'd merely seen a shot of the character somewhere and the image had stuck with me. None of this is of any relevance). Fell in; began reading. Have been reading for close to six hours now (started all over again once I hit the beginning).

    I've not much kept up with popular culture in this world and trust most of the content here to be happily lost on me, but even so my small head is currently on fire working things out, struggling to understand, to begin to comprehend the extent of the implications - and that is something I haven't had for years. In short, I have not been as intensely, desperately interested since I last debrided an equine foot to study the structure. Ta.

  2. :D <--- that's a happy face.